Vegan insight workshops


Does your executive team need a firm understanding of the vegan consumer and plant-based marketplace?

  • How big are the opportunities?
  • How can I equip my management team with real knowledge about the plant-based marketplace and consumer?
  • What is driving consumers to turn to plant-based products and how can my company connect with these consumers?
  • How can we avoid getting it wrong?
  • How can I create a plan with vision and ambition to launch into the plant-based marketplace?

This is where we excel. Our business workshop programmes will give you and your team a deep understanding of the vegan or meat-reduction consumer, and how to engage in that market.

Lisa and David made us realise just how little we understood the journey that a plant-based consumer takes and their motivations for which products they are buying . This insight has proved invaluable and it's been extremely useful to be able to keep referring back to Promote Vegan as our strategy has developed.

We knew we wanted to enter the plant-based market but had put the hand-break on when we realised we just didn't understand it. We brought Promote Vegan in to run a session with our management team and we now feel we've got all the understanding to develop our product with confidence.

Programmes tailored for your organisation

Understanding the customer plays a huge role in the success of any project or product launch.  The opportunities are huge, but if you simply try to serve the vegan marketplace without a firm understanding of why increasing numbers of consumers are choosing meat-free, cruelty-free or vegan lifestyles, then you are unlikely to be successful.

Delivered by our team that includes business growth, marketing, branding and sector-specific PR skills, our vegan insight workshops will acclimatise your team with a deep comprehension of the market and consumer.  We can also take this knowledge and apply it specifically to your product or market, creating a route-map for strategic deployment. 

Or, we can deliver a wider-ranging presentation detailing the opportunities in the vegan marketplace to your senior executives – allowing them to take crucial business decisions with confidence and understanding.


How we can help

We know your marketplace intimately, and understand that every business has it’s own unique challenges. When it comes to workshops and training for your team, one sizes does not fit all. To talk about our vegan insight workshops, email or click the button below:


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