Let us help you understand the vegan market​

The plant-based market is booming.

You will have seen the huge growth in the plant-based marketplace, but you might not be sure about the opportunities for your brand within it. 

Or perhaps you already have a vegan product but you don’t understand why it’s not taken off yet.

Our vegan ‘executive chat’ session is a one to two hour discussion with your senior executive team at your offices. Together, we will explore the size of the plant-based marketplace and identify the radically different consumer behaviours that are behind the rise in demand for plant-based products. 

The session will also facilitate discussion between your team about the market and the opportunities for your brand.

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We knew we wanted to enter the plant-based market but we realised we just didn't understand it.

We brought Promote Vegan in to run a session with our management team and we now feel we've got the understanding to develop our product offering with confidence.

Download more information about the vegan executive chat session

What are the outcomes of the session?  What critical knowledge will I gain? How much does the session cost?

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What will you learn in the vegan executive chat session?

How big are the opportunities?

Understand the size of the plant-based marketplace.

Gain specialist knowledge

Equip your management team with the knowledge to make strategic decisions.

Learn what is driving consumers

Learn the motivations about a radically different consumer base.

Learn how to avoid getting it wrong

For every company who is getting right there are many more getting it badly wrong.

Delivered by experts in the market

Engage with business and marketing experts who live, love and breathe the vegan lifestyle.

We are experts in business

The team at Promote Vegan have over 20 years of experience building and growing businesses, both locally and globally. Every business is different and your needs are unique – so we take a holistic approach to you and your business and how it will succeed in the vegan marketplace. We work with you to identify your goals then implement the best strategy and use the best tools to get you there.

... and we're also vegan

We live, love and breathe the vegan lifestyle. We know your marketplace intimately. We can help you discover the authenticity and authority required to engage with ethical vegan consumers; whether that is a new product aimed at the vegan marketplace, or the launch of a new brand alongside your current offering.


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