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The vegan brand / business opportunity

The vegan marketplace is expanding exponentially. However, there are vegan businesses struggling with strategy and resources, and there are non-vegan businesses struggling with understanding the marketplace for their vegan product.

Promote Vegan - turning problems into opportunities

So, either you have the cause but not the means, or you have the means but not the cause. That’s where Promote Vegan fits in – we bridge that gap. We provide you with everything you need to promote your vegan business, brand or product in the right way to the right audience.

Lisa Fox

I started Promote Vegan with the aim of empowering businesses, both vegan and non-vegan, to achieve their goals and to thrive. It’s all about making sure you’ve got the right resources, strategies and tools to grow.

My background is over 16 years’ experience in marketing, specialist PR and communications. I’m focused on helping you create engaging stories with which you can connect to your audience. Using my PR connections I can ensure your brand presence is distributed far and wide in popular vegan circles.

An honours degree in English Literature and strong creative writing and crafting skills have combined with my professional skills to ensure that I understand what editors need, what you need, and what your audience needs. Integrating my skill sets and knowledge ensures that communication channels are used creatively and engagingly to help achieve your business goals.

I’m also part of your audience – I’m passionately vegan! This is a major part of who I am as a person, and it’s my dedication to the vegan cause that fuels my commitment to ensuring your vegan business, brand or product is a success.

Lisa Fox
Founder & Director
PR & Communications Specialist

David Pannell

As an experienced marketeer I’m now bringing my wide skillset in marketing, branding, website development and business strategy to focus on the vegan marketplace. We launched Promote Vegan to help businesses of all kinds develop brands and products that are tailor-made for the vegan market; it’s my way of promoting the vegan cause.

I couldn’t be better placed for this crusade: a marketeer who knows the target market intimately because I live and breathe that target market. Symmetry in action!

I bring to the development of my clients’ goals a real track record of success across multiple business sectors and markets. As an ambassador for the Chartered Institute of Marketing, a regular event speaker and a long-standing content creator – Promote Vegan creates an ideal platform for me to deploy my skills to the benefit of all my clients.

David Pannell
Founder & Director
Branding & Marketing Specialist

We are experts in business

The team at Promote Vegan have over 20 years of experience building and growing businesses, both locally and globally. Every business is different and your needs are unique – so we take a holistic approach to you and your business and how it will succeed in the vegan marketplace. We work with you to identify your goals then implement the best strategy and use the best tools to get you there.

... and we're also vegan

We live, love and breathe the vegan lifestyle. We know your marketplace intimately. We can help you discover the authenticity and authority required to engage with ethical vegan consumers; whether that is a new product aimed at the vegan marketplace, or the launch of a new brand alongside your current offering.


This is our passion

It’s our way of furthering the vegan cause – by helping Vegan businesses and brands to grow.  If you have a vegan (or plant-based) business, brand, product or cause and want to talk about how we can work together, send us a message

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