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Vegan insight workshops

Does your team need to understand the vegan marketplace and consumer?
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Promote your brand to the vegan market

Looking to launch a new vegan product, or attract more vegan and plant-based consumers to your brand?
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Vegan PR services

Use our relationships with the best vegan news sources to get your story in front of your customers.
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The Vegan Society's Vegan Trademark

Prove your vegan credentials by registering your product with the prestigious Vegan Trademark scheme
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Secure finance for your vegan business

We will help you source the finance for your vegan and plant-based businesses and products.
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Bring your vegan product to the uk

Are you a non-British company looking to break into the UK with your vegan product?
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Vegan sales accelerator

Use our years of experience in e-commerce to take your vegan product to a whole new online marketplace.
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Help grow your vegan business

We will work with you to implement the right strategy to leverage the boom in the ethical vegan marketplace.
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Vegan website content

Post regular vegan articles to your blog or news page.
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Welcome to Promote Vegan, helping you grow your business in one of the fastest growing and exciting consumer sectors in the UK

Why should you care?

The vegan marketplace is booming. The number of vegans in Great Britain quadrupled between 2014 – 2019, with 1 in 3 people in the UK either stopping or reducing their meat consumption (Waitrose Food & Drink report).

By 2025, vegans and vegetarians are projected to make up a quarter of the UK population (The Vegan Society / Sainsbury’s Future Foods report).

Many vegans are recent converts, with half of all current UK vegans making the change in 2018 (GlobalData).

These new plant-based consumers are looking for brands to evolve with them to match their new buying behaviours. But some vegan companies struggle with strategy and resources, and other non-vegan brands are unsure how to serve the growing demand for plant-based products. We can help.



It's not just vegans...

The growth in plant-based is not being driven by vegans alone, with more and more consumers either stopping or reducing their meat or dairy consumption. This is a radically different marketplace. There are many types of consumer for plant-based products and you need to understand the very different motives of each, and how your business or brand can connect with them.

Many vegan products and services say that non-vegans make up almost 40% of their customer base.  This is why it is essential to align your brand-message with where the consumer is on their plant-based journey.

How can we help you engage with the vegan marketplace?

We know the marketplace intimately.  We will help you discover the knowledge, authenticity and authority required to successfully engage with vegan consumers; whether that is helping promote your product aimed at the vegan marketplace, or the launch of a new brand alongside your current offering.

We are also the UK’s official agents for The Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark, and can help you register your product to give customers the utmost confidence in your product. Contact us today for a chat about how we can help your business or brand engage with the vegan marketplace.


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Want to hear more about engaging with the vegan marketplace?  Sign up to our mailing list for weekly emails.