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If only 3% of the population identifies as vegan, why are so many companies bringing out plant-based products? What turns off (and turns on!) vegan consumers? How do you develop a product or service that is suitable for both your vegan and non-vegan customers?

Our experts Lisa and David from Promote Vegan have advised some of the biggest brands in the world on the vegan and plant-based sector to help them answer just those questions. And they can work with you too.

Set up a chat with us to find out how we can educate your company on one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world right now. From workshop sessions with your team to help them understand the market to one-on-one project consultancy.

Bringing in Lisa and David made us realise just how little we understood of plant-based consumers and why people buy vegan. Their insight has proved invaluable and it’s been extremely useful to be able to keep referring back to Promote Vegan as our strategy has developed.

Head of product development, major high-street QSR chain

We knew we had to enter the plant-based market but we put the hand-break on when we realised we just didn’t understand it. We brought Promote Vegan in to run a session with our management team and we now feel we’ve got all the understanding to develop our offering with confidence.​

Brand manager, global manufacturing company

How we can help your organisation in the plant-based sector

Vegan sector intro & Q&A

Planning your next vegan product? Need to bring your team up to date on the market? We will run a half-day workshop and Q&A with your team to educate them on the vegan sector and plant-based consumer. Starting at £1.5k

Ongoing project consultancy

Need someone on your team longer-term who understands the vegan sector? We can work with you on retained or fixed-time contracts to bring our expertise on the vegan market into your team. Starting at £2k a month

Expert resource

Does your marketing team need to run final campaigns past an expert to make sure they are not making a vegan faux-pas? Does your team need key input at crucial project points? Let us be your expert vegan in the room. Starting at £0.5k

Vegan Trademark registration

Are you looking to give your customers the highest assurance that your product is suitable for vegans? We will advise you on applying for The Vegan Society Vegan Trademark. Starting at £300

Our experts, Lisa & David

David Pannell

David is a career-long marketing expert, industry speaker and passionate vegan. He is also the weekly presenter of the long-running Vegan Business Tribe Podcast and the official agent for The Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark scheme in the UK.

In his former life, David was a special sector ambassador for The Chartered Institute of Marketing and has worked with some of the world’s biggest high-street brands and food manufacturers.

Lisa Fox

Lisa is a marketing expert and writes the monthly business column for Vegan Food & Living Magazine, the UK’s biggest Vegan Publication. Lisa is a passionate vegan and has helped some of the world’s biggest food manufacturers apply to register their products with The Vegan Society.

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