Vegan brand consulting and corporate education​

Are you looking to improve your plant-based offer but don't have the in-house knowledge of the sector to make critical business decisions? We can help.

Where to start? Book an executive chat session.

Does your team need to understand the new vegan marketplace and the complex motivations behind this new consumer’s buying choices?

Our introductory vegan ‘executive chat’ session is a one to two hour discussion with your senior executive team where we will educate you on this radically different new consumer sector.  The session will also facilitate discussion between your team about the opportunities for your brand within the plant-based and vegan market.

Retain ongoing expert knowledge.

The plant-based sector is a fast-moving and fluid marketplace where a lack of understanding can result in huge negative PR and a loss of trust amongst vegan consumers.

Retain our specialist sector knowledge to advise on your ongoing vegan strategy, marketing comms, or new product development alongside your current delivery team.

Team training programmes.

Many companies fail to gain the confidence of the consumer through lack of understanding at the point of delivery.

We will work with you to train your team so that they can engage with the vegan consumer with confidence.  Or we can help ‘train your trainers’, giving them specialist sector knowledge to build into your current training programmes.

Bringing in Lisa and David made us realise just how little we understood of plant-based consumers.

Their insight has proved invaluable and it's been extremely useful to be able to keep referring back to Promote Vegan as our strategy has developed.

We knew we had to enter the plant-based market but we put the hand-break on when we realised we just didn't understand it. We brought Promote Vegan in to run a session with our management team and we now feel we've got all the understanding to develop our offering with confidence.

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