Lord Sugar spoke out at the launch of a new vegan range at The Dough Bakehouse which he runs with the winner of last year's The Apprentice.

According to Mintel, almost a quarter of all new food products launched in the UK last year were vegan. And now Alan Sugar has added his weight to the booming marketplace by comparing companies who don’t respond to the market as being like Kodak.

“From a business point of view one can’t blame companies and businesses, including our own, for jumping on the bandwagon and starting to produce vegan products. That’s exactly why we are doing this. That’s how you remain in business.”

He continued, “If there is a demand for a new kind of product like a vegan item then of course you need to cater for it, and those that haven’t will fall behind, it’s as simple as that. It’s a bit like the demise of Kodak, they kind of ignored the digital revolution, and they went from a company that monopolised photography to zero, basically. You see things like that happen, and the same will be applied to food.”

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How do you understand and adapt to the vegan market? Bring in the vegan experts.

You didn’t need Lord Sugar to point out there has been huge growth in the plant-based marketplace, but you might not be sure about the opportunities for your brand within it. Or perhaps you already have a vegan product but you don’t understand why it’s not taken off yet.

The Promote Vegan ‘executive chat’ session is a one to two hour discussion with your senior executive team at your offices. Together, we will explore the size of the plant-based marketplace and identify the radically different consumer behaviours that are behind the rise in demand for plant-based products. 

The session will also facilitate discussion between your team about the market and the opportunities for your brand.

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